Selected durum wheat

Tubetti n.474

Granoro Gluten-Free pasta


400 g

The aroma and taste of the Granoro "Gluten-free" line are typical of corn, obtained from the component of rice flour and the well-known vegetable of quinoa. It was decided to include quinoa in the blend to rebalance the supply of fibre, mineral salts and proteins, since rice and corn are lacking in them. The mix of the three flours gives the product a yellow colour, very similar to durum wheat pasta, firm after cooking and the roughness of the surface allows the condiments to bond well.
Choosing Gluten-Free Granoro means:
1. Being free to eat with satisfaction
2. Ensuring your body an adequate supply of important nutrients
3. Being aware of consuming a safe product

  • Ingredients:

    Corn flour, rice flour, quinoa flour (3%), emulsifiers: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids.
    May contain traces of lupin and soya

Nutritional Values
Average values per 100 g % RI*
Energy 1500 kJ
354 kcal
Fats 1.5g -
of which fatty saturated acids 0.5g -
Carbohydrates 76.5g -
of which sugar 2.5g -
Dietary Fiber 2g -
Proteins 7.5g -
Salt 0.0g -

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