Granoro Dedicato

Fettuccine all'Uovo Dedicato n.118

Egg pasta that is completely Apulian from the field to the table


500 g

 Dedicato pasta all’uovo is produced only with durum wheat semolina from Puglia and fresh eggs. The manufacturing process, careful and accurate at every stage, gives the dough the typical roughness of the hand-made process

  • Ingredients:

    100% Puglia Durum wheat semolina, fresh eggs (19.36%)

Nutritional Values
Average values per 100 g % RI*
Energy 1557 kJ
368 kcal
Fats 4g -
of which fatty saturated acids 1.3g -
Carbohydrates 67g -
of which sugar 2.5g -
Dietary Fiber 3g -
Proteins 14.5g -
Salt 0.1g -

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