Farina tipo "1" 1kg Type "1" flour 1kg

Ideal for bread-making and for the homemade preparation of other fresh doughs.


1 Kg

Granoro Type “1” flour is produced by grinding the best, high-protein soft wheat. Type “1” flour has a lower sifting rate than type “0” and “00” flours; it also has higher levels of protein, mineral salts and fibre, without the strong taste and dark colour of wholemeal flour. It does not contain foreign substances or impurities, except for bran particles. It complies with Law No. 187 dated 09/02/2001. IT IS PERFECT FOR BREAD, PIZZAS, CAKES AND DESSERTS. Granoro Type “1” flour is recommended for recipes requiring medium to long leavening times, it absorbs a greater amount of water compared to type “00” flour and contains more bran particles and fibre, giving food products a lovely amber colour and a delicate flavour.  It is perfect for making bread, pizzas, cakes and desserts, including pastries such as tarts and biscuits. 

  • Ingredients:

    White wheat flour type 1. Gluten. It may contain traces of soy and mustard

Nutritional Values
Average values per 100 g % RI*
Energy 1474 kJ
348 kcal
Fats 1.2g -
of which fatty saturated acids 0.5g -
Carbohydrates 70g -
of which sugar 1.8g -
Dietary Fiber 3.2g -
Proteins 12.5g -
Salt - -

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